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新產品推介:出路燈箱模組 有消防證書(PPA / 104(A) 4th Rev.)Exit Sign Light Box Module with FOC

出路燈箱模組 Exit Sign Light Box Module


To be environmental friendly, MELITE is promoting Exit sign Light Box Replacement Module. There is no need to change the whole light box, but to replace the light box module inside.

其安裝方法非常簡單,而且使用LED 可節能環保,並附有消防證書(PPA / 104(A) 4th Rev.);

The installment of the exit sign light box replacement module is very easy and simple. It is using LED which is comparatively energy saving and environmental friendly. Moreover, it also has the FOC (PPA/104(A) 4th Rev.).


MELITE Exit Sign Light Box Module Series has a selection of 3 sizes, we also provide installment and repairing service.

Please contact us for any enquiry and order.

exit sign light box module

LED emergency module

Exit sign Replacement
LED Exit Sign Emergency


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