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4 Tips on how to choose LED light bulbs 4個選擇 LED燈膽 的貼士

LED lighting is a environmental friendly choice for home users. There are a lot of LED lighting products including LED tube, LED bulbs ( LED燈膽 ), LED spotlights, LED flood lights, and more. They are widely used at home or public buildings, especially for Emergency lighting. LED with FOC are much safer than traditional incandescent lights. Most users start using LED lights from using LED bulbs ( LED燈膽 ).

When we are choosing LED Light Bulbs ( LED燈膽 ), we can look at the labels on them rather than just choosing by brand names. However, not everyone knows how to read the information on the box. Let us provide some knowledges on the labels here.

1. LED LIFE (hours)

When the LED labels show 10,000 hrs represent having 10,000 hours of life, but the actual number of operating hours may not be accurate.

A test conducted in Hong Kong on 10 LED bulb ( LED燈膽 ) shown that some manufacturers were using different measurement methods and different voltage to test. For example, one famous brand claims that its power and output luminosity is measured at 230 volts, therefore, the testing result may not be used for direct comparison with what the manufacturers claimed.

2. Bulb Head Types

The LED Bulb head types are clearly marked on the box, the labels listed clearly about the Light shapes and sizes. The most commonly used LED Light Bulbs heads are the following:

  • E14 small screw head

  • E27 large screw head

  • B22 nail head

LED Light Screw Head

3. LED light Luminosity

LED light bulbs ( LED燈膽 ) used Luminosity (lumen; lm) as the output measurement unit. The higher the value, the higher luminosity they output.

If there are two LED light bulbs with the same output luminosity, then how to know which one is more energy-efficient?

Actually, beside looking at the marked lumens(lm), we can also refer to the power indication on the box. For example, the same output luminosity with lower power indication means that the LED bulb is more energy-saving.

LED Light Luminosity

The LED bulbs lumens can also used for comparison with traditional incandescent bulbs Wattage (Watt):

If the LED bulb packaging marked 907lm, that is equivalent to 75W on Traditional Bulbs.

4. LED Color temperature

LED light bulb measures color temperature with the unit K.

If the color temperature of the bulb is warm, the value should be less than 3500K.

If the bulb color temperature is cool, the value should be marked between 3500K-5000K.

If the color temperature is cold, the value should be greater than 5000K.

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