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T8 LED 應急電池支架(半光型)Emergancy lighting with battery pack fixture (Half brightness)

2 Hours half brightness


           Model                         W            Battery            LED Tube

MESE 3620-07-2H               7w         3.6v / 2.0Ah       0.6m/2ft

MESE 4822-10-2H               10w       4.8v / 2.2Ah        0.9m/3ft

MESE 6028-16-2H               16w       6.0v / 2.8Ah        1.2m/4ft

MESE 7230-22-2H               22w       7.2v / 3.0Ah        1.5m/5ft

MESE 7240-25-2H               25w       7.2v / 4.0Ah




3 Hours half brightness


          Model                          W             Battery             LED Tube

MESE 3620-07-2H               7w        3.6v / 3.0Ah          0.6m/2ft

MESE 4835-10-2H              10w        4.8v / 3.5Ah          0.9m/3ft

MESE 6040-16-2H              16w        6.0v / 4.0Ah          1.2m/4ft

MESE 7245-20-2H              20w        7.2v / 4.5Ah          1.5m/5ft

MESE 7245-25-2H              25w        7.2v / 5.0Ah



Test Report: Poly U (PPA104) (4th ver.)

Standards : BS EN 60598-2-22, BS EN 61347-2-7, BS 52661


Application : public area of building/passage....etc.


ME LITE LED Emergency battery  pack fixture (Half brightness type), must use with the ME LITE Smart E Series LED tube.

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