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The best partner to opt for the energy saving lighting products


ME Lite Company Ltd.

The best partner to opt for the energy saving lighting products.

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, Harry To Wai Hung established ME Lite Company Limited for promoting LED lighting products developed and manufactured jointly by its subsidiary ME Electronic Products Limited and a wholly owned Guangdong factory in China.


As the technology used to make LED lighting begins to mature, the company has taken a proactive step in recent years in developing energy-efficient products based on the principles of 


“Safety”, “Technological Innovation” and “Quality Control”.


Product Design Concept

【Safety, Technological Innovation, Quality Control, Environmental Friendly.】

ME Electronic Product Limited "ME" main business is on the development and manufacturing the intelligent control devices to the market for more than ten years such as LED drivers; dimmable electronic lighting transformers; lighting sensors and infrared sensors.

Environmental Friendly

Energy Saving


Anticipating a strong demand for LED lighting worldwide, ME Lite has plans to retain its competitiveness through innovation.


Over 300 quality lighting products are developed under its own brand “ME Lite” in recent years. We include multifunctional and energy-efficient T5 / T8 LED Tube for practical and decorative purposes. 


ME Lite’s LED Tubes are created in compliance with safety standards in both Hong Kong as well as the European Union. We have also met the safety standards imposed by the Fire Services Department (FOC) in Hong Kong.

ME Lite has its own team of professionals ready to have lighting solutions tailor made according to your special needs.
From designing and manufacturing to delivery and installation, ME Lite aims at making your life convenient and reducing your costs at its best.
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